Current institutional members (2020)

Acadia University, Stephen Ahern, Coordinator

Cape Breton University, Tammy Byrne, Coordinator

Dalhousie University, Janice MacDonald Eddington, Manager

Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus (Truro)

Memorial University, Jenny Higgins, Director

Mount Saint Vincent University, Clare Goulet, Coordinator

NSCAD University, Becka Barker, Manager

Nova Scotia Community College, Amanda Marshall, Coordinator

Saint Francis Xavier University, Mark Leeming, Coordinator

Saint Mary’s University, Brian Hotson, Director

St. Thomas University, Heather MacDonald, Coordinator

University of New Brunswick (Fredericton Campus), Richard Spacek, Coordinator

University of New Brunswick (Saint John Campus), Jan Waldschutz, Writing Centre Consultant

University of Prince Edward Island, Jarmo Puiras, Coordinator

Do live in eastern North America? Would you like to join ACWCA? You don’t need to be a member of CWCA/ACCR to join.

Contact us using the form below.

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